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Moving Tips & Tricks to Make it Stress-Free!

Friday, February 15, 2019   /   by Mario Daniel Sconza

Moving Tips & Tricks to Make it Stress-Free!

Moving can be one of the most stressful situations people go through, so here are the in’s and out’s of moving and what you need to know to make your next move successful and stress-free!

Congratulations! You just purchased or sold your home, and now it’s time to move.

But where do you start?

Moving can be a very overwhelming and stressful process. However, selecting the right moving company and with these few tips & tricks provided for us, you can make your next move a smooth one.

Pro-Active Tips to Making Your Move a Success:

Book Your Mover Ahead

Call and book your mover 2-4 weeks before the move date. Many moving companies, especially during busy seasons, can get booked fast and weekends tend to have the highest demands. Scheduling your movers ahead will prevent higher stress levels, but most importantly this tip will help you save money on your move.

Labeling Boxes

Label all boxes on the top and two sides; this will ensure the boxes are handled correctly and placed in the correct space in your new home, storage, office, etc. If some items are staying with the old home, make sure to label them accordingly before the movers arrive. Also, by designating an area for all the “stay” items, it can be beneficial for the movers and to avoid any mixups.

Have A Moving Budget

Start budgeting for your upcoming move and always add on a little extra for the unexpected cost. Unexpected cost may vary, but some examples include; you didn’t get as much packing done as you thought you would, so now you need the movers to help finish packing. Perhaps you were not able to sell that old armoire, and the large piece of furniture that fit in your old home doesn’t fit in the new home, all of these scenarios can potentially cost you a few extra bucks, preparing ahead can be a huge help.

How To Pack Your Items To Save Time and Money

It is recommended to use smaller boxes for heavier items. Example, if you place a bunch of books in a larger size box, it will only lead to books ripping through the bottom, and an upset mover and a disaster waiting to happen. If you prefer the movers to do the packing for you, a good moving tip to save some money, is to focus on the soft goods that cannot break and are a little easier to pack, like clothing, linens, books, pillows, bedding these items are easier to transport yourself in your vehicle and will save you some cash.

Clear Out Your Schedule On Move Day

Be available on your move day to answer any questions for your movers. Time is money, and a missing customer will lead to a higher bill. Plan to have the pet taken to a friend or family’s house or even a pet resort, and get the kids to babysitter or friends house to ensure safety for them an avoid any potential accidents while items are being moved in and out.

Do The Four Walk-Thru’s

Always do a walk-thru before you start the move to answer any questions or provide any special instructions to the movers. Do a second walk-thru before leaving for the new home to ensure all items have been placed in the truck. The third walkthru should be done after the movers have taken everything off the truck and have placed all items in your new home to ensure everything is where it needs to be. Lastly, check the truck alongside with the supervisor on duty to avoid the “we forgot something in your truck call” after the movers have already left.

When looking into hiring a moving company, most questions always start with pricing and what to expect.

How Does Pricing Work?

Industry standards for pricing on a local move is billed on an hourly rate. The hourly rate standard is in place to protect the customer and moving company. Hourly rates can vary as there are various factors such as experience, size of the move, insurance and equipment that may be needed during the move.


To receive an accurate estimate is important to provide as many details as possible when requesting a price quote. Providing information such as the sqft of your home, the number of rooms and floors and whether large appliances will need to be moved? You will also want to give them an approximate amount of boxes and large pieces of furniture you will need them to move. Providing this type of information will prevent any surprises when the final bill is presented, and if you prefer a more accurate estimate, you can also request an on-site evaluation.

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